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"Grote... has made a name for himself in recent years with scripts that explode the boundaries between the ordinary and the chimerical, the political and the aesthetic, the intimate and the dizzyingly cosmic. His writing is as likely to dabble in meta-literary tricks as it is to trade in the sensationalism of science fiction, comic books and supernatural yarns."

-Celia Wren, The Washington Post

"In a time when political leaders and television programmers have made it difficult to discern reality from fantasy, Grote believes in stepping boldly through the looking glass to restore imagination to theatre and, conversely, to challenge standard narratives to reach a larger truth."

-Andrew Salomon, Back Stage

"Jason Grote is one of a generation of brainy new American dramatists including Tracy Letts and Will Eno who understand that to reach new audiences, political theater needs to move beyond moral indignation and outrage, past spoon-feeding an attitude. One key to going forward is looking backward into literature, fable and allegory."

-Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly

"A wonderfully gifted writer."

-Pulitzer-prize-winner Paula Vogel, appearing on WNYC

(photo credit Lisa Jane Persky)

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